Upanishads (Sankara Bhashyasahitham) Malayalam PDF

Read five great Upanishads and its commentary by  Sri Sankara. The book was translated to Malayalam by Sri P K Narayana Pilla and Sri N Raman Pilla. And the book was published by Sadanandasram, Kottarakkara.

Read Thytthiriyopanishad (Malayalam PDF) Sankara Bhashya Sahitham

Read Mandookyopanishad (Malayalam PDF) Sankara Bhashya Sahitham

Read Mundakopanishad (Malayalam PDF) Sankara Bhashya Sahitham

Read Prasnopanishad (Malayalam PDF) Sankara Bhashya Sahitham

Read Kenopanishad (Malayalam PDF) Sankara Bhashya Sahitham

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  1. Krishna Kumar says:

    I am writing with tremendous respect and gratitude for the contribution you are making to spiritual aspirants.

    Thank you.

  2. Sk says:

    All my prayers to all those who worked behind this effort to spread the great knowledge for the benefit of all…irrespective of caste, creed, religion or country, go on with the spirit of carrying the torch of knowlege…all the best to one and all…

  3. jayaraj says:

    Good Day

    Words are beyond to express the gratitude, we owe you. Can we expect Thripura Rahasyam!
    With Prayers.

  4. V.Swaminathan says:

    The great souls doing this holy and noble works , please accept my ananthakodi pranamam at your divine feet.
    May God do more good things through you.
    Lokhan Samasthaha Sukhino Bhavanthu.
    Sri Guruvey Dhakshinamoorthaye Shiva Shankaraya Namaha:

  5. Madhavan Namboothiri says:

    This effort to publish e-books of Vedanta is highly appreciated. Thanks for all the activity.

  6. VP Vineeth says:

    This effort to publish e-books of Vedanta is highly appreciated,..god bless u