Sreyas Foundation is established as a public charitable trust on June 5, 2012. We are operating from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.


“For Self-Realization and the Welfare of the World”


The objects of Sreyas Foundaiton are:

  1. To put sincere efforts to promote Bharatheeya Vidya (Indian Knowledge/Wisdom) through various technological advancements such as internet, mobile phones, printed books, e-books, audio books, magazines, videos, radio, television, etc.
  2. To promote, establish and maintain physical libraries and online digital libraries of books, periodicals and other publications such as e-books, audios and videos relating to Bharatheeya Vidya.
  3. To set up and run various educational and training institutions and platforms to promote Bharatheeya Vidya.
  4. To propagate Indian traditions, culture and heritage as per the usages over the past few centuries and according to the books and treatises that have come over to us from our ancestors including seers, rishis, scientists and philosophers.
  5. To conduct charitable activities for the holistic and integrated development of the society, especially in the areas of education, health, culture and tradition.
  6. To conserve indigenous flora and fauna, and promote environmental consciousness and harmonious living with the nature.